Dandy Satriya Adi
Dandy Satriya Adi
System Administrator Network Engineer Infrastructure Specialist Cloud Computing Engineer
Dandy Satriya Adi

Hello I'm Dandy Satriya Adi

I'm working as System Administrator Network Engineer Infrastructure Specialist Cloud Computing Engineer

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Dandy Satriya Adi


I am the CEO of INDODEV Cyber Kreasi, formerly known as Sentramedia Solusindo, an Open Source based IT Services in Malang, Indonesia. I am widely recognized as a local endorser and activist on GNU/Linux and Open Source Movement. I speaks frequently on Open Source Business Strategies, engagement and the developer ecosystems around the various Linux/Open Source platforms. Prior to co-founding Sentramedia Solusindo, I had more than a dozen years of experience building technology, developing business strategy and leading engineering teams with companies including Local Government Institutions, some Educational Institutions such as some Universities, Vocational Technology High Schools and IT Communities. I also co-founded the Malang Linux User Group that also known as KOLAM (Komunitas Linux Arek Malang). KOLAM is a community in helping several open source projects grow into mainstream usage, including FOSS applications, the Linux Kernel and for an educational purposes for common people.

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Transkomunika Kencana
Oct 2021 - Current
IT Officer - Transkomunika Kencana

Transkomunika is an ISO27001:2013 Certified Company that runs in Language Services business. It serves some major IT Companies for specific English to Indonesian translations. My job is to handle all IT related hardwares and Softwares and reports to IT Manager for IT Operation. Some items I handle are;

1. Backend server with XCP-NG to serve as 2 Windows Servers 2012 R2 as AD Controller and RDWeb Server for Remote Working (WFH)

2. Google Workspace integration to Operational PC and GCPW based SSO

3. Mikrotik RB450G as main Router

INDODEV Cyber Kreasi
Jun 2018 - Sep 2021
CEO and System Administrator - INDODEV Cyber Kreasi

Managing the Reaserach and Development to provide new applicaitons, innovations, and new idea to solve all IT related problems. And maintaining the Infrastructure assets to keep running well and stable to serve the clients

P.T Datamax Teknologi Internasional
Jul 2019 - Apr 2020
System Administrator - P.T Datamax Teknologi Internasional

Manage and administra the Infrastrucuture Assets of the Company and researching advanced technology of SDN (Software Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) for the operational systems

Optik Internasional
Jul 2012 - Jul 2019
IT Manager - Optik Internasional

Maintaining all of the IT needs . Adopting, Transitioning, and Implementing Computerized System from Manual System for company's Operational and Managerial needs Managing the IT Procurements and doing some Research & Developments to support company's operational through Online Computerized System Managing Cloud Server based on Citrix XenServer to serve Company's ERP and some additional webapps services

MicroDigital Co. Ltd.
Apr 2011 - Jun 2012
IT Engineer - MicroDigital Co. Ltd.

Maintaning IT assets and develop some systems for clients such as CMS, LMS, etc.

Sentramedia Solusindo
Jun 2005 - Mar 2011
CTO - Sentramedia Solusindo

Open Source Based IT Services

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Bash Scripting


Cloud Based Infrastucture Administration


Linux System Administration


Computer Networking


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My Education Background History

Mikrotikls SIA
Aug 2010 - Jul 2011
Computer Network Engineering - Mikrotikls SIA

Vocational Course with international recognition approved by a valid Certificate for Computer Networking based on Mikrotik Architecture Hardware and System

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang
Sep 1997 - Nov 2000
Ilmu ekonomi Studi Pembangunan - Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang

Fakultas Ekonomi Jurusan IESP Konsentrasi Keuangan & Perbankan

SMA Negeri 5 Malang
Jun 1993 - Jul 1996
IPS - SMA Negeri 5 Malang

Jurusan IPS Angkatan 1993 lulus tahun 1996




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